Below is a brief overview of the phases that my work takes place in. Project deliverables in each of these phases can be tailored to your individual goals and the projects needs. I strive to work transparently toward the goals that we design together. Just as carefully crafted as my designs are so to is our working method.


Schematic design

After discussion with the owner regarding how they wish to live a concept is developed for a specific site. This is then transformed into a buildable solution, known as a schematic design. This design combines a clients program, the site characteristics, zoning laws and building code requirements into a concrete a clear project that is represented in plan, section and elevation. I always begin and deliver this process with hand drawings. This way i can literally draw myself into the spaces of the home carefully considering their size and arrangement. At this time a very general estimate can be made based upon the plans and a written specification of materials, equipment and fixtures sued in the home or project.

exterior screen shot clip.jpg

design development

Schematic design’s hand drawings are modeled in this process into a 3D model completed in a program called Archicad. This BIM software can be used to create many 3D views, 2D plans, 2D sections, 2D elevations and schedules. Also a digital drawing set can be exported for use in BIMx, a viewing software for clients. At this time their is a great degree of precision represented and coordination with mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural can begin. To meet all these needs various architectural adjustments are made. Now a much more precise estimate can be made. A building permit can also at this time be obtained for most residential projects. Although larger or more complex projects need and require services through construction documents.


construction documents

Here in construction documents all decisions have been made regarding materials, finishes, fixtures, fittings and assemblies. There are many different drawings that will represent this from plan details to wall sections and section details. All these drawings ensure a smooth problem free construction process with almost all decisions having been made prior to construction starting. Further more all or most items have been coordinated— structure, plumbing, electrical and mechanical all are incorporated. This thorough approach in the documents eliminates a lot of hassle, stress and worry for the homeowner. And for the contractor. Upon completion of construction documents a final set of drawings is issued, a permit is obtained if it hasn’t been and a final estimate is written by the builder and agreed upon with the owner and input from the designer.

I also offer construction administration services to answer all questions that come up, help with changes, review shop drawings and ensure general adherence to the documents. This service is absolutely invaluable.